Using a Dyna truck of Toyota, I wanted to purchase it.
The opportunity was home earthquake resistance construction.
So I would emigrate to others for 1:00 period and I borrowed a Dyna truck of Toyota and emigrated carrying a necessary thing and a thing to move at one time.
It was a life first truck ride experience, but was an experience as I thought that the world changed.
It was an experience as it was large-scale, and view of life changed.
I thought when I could get into such a truck almost every day even if I would not be troubled with a small thing over and over again.
I thought that I wanted one by all means in the family.
Then it is a thing, the big fan of the Dyna truck of Toyota.
I enroll in a favorite not to mention the homepage of the net and register other various information.
You may be assigned to it and recite even blog, and it talks proudly to know if putting comment comes and sympathizes with a good point.
I gather a lot of images, but I was interested in the new car which shined before, but am interested in the thing which I ran into with mud and the dust recently.
After all the truck thinks that there is not the feeling that acted.
It was 1 degree only ride of then, but became a fan to here.
If savings accumulate to some extent, I am going to purchase it.
So I may think about the change of job concerning the truck.
I have come under a considerable influence.